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Having recently done a review for Afan when I had only had the chance to ride Blue Scar, I felt it was now appropriate to do a new review to include Penhydd and Y Wal.
Everytime I leave Afan I am always looking for the next possible moment to go back. The trails here have such a nice natural feel to them, whilst being so well maintained.
I recently visited Afan a couple of weeks ago and finally rode Penhydd. This is a great trail that really steps it up a bit more from Blue Scar, losing more of that gentle terrain to a more technical, natural and rocky ride. There are a few descents on here that will have you clinging to the bars as you fly over big rocks. This is more for the slightly experienced rider who is used to riding red routes.
I only experienced parts of Y Wal but my small experience is enough to leave me wanting to go back and ride it further. Myself and my partner had a guided ride around it where our amazing guide helped me through everything that was within my ability, then gave me alternative routes for the parts that got more technical. My partner, however, rode the entire route and has now placed Y Wal in his top 2 trails ever. He had the ride of his life coming down the final descent and was desperate to have another go. Between us we would definitely recommend it!

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So many different trails with different lengths and grades
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Never enough time to see everything
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