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Gawr MTB trails
(Updated: June 07, 2015)
I have not filled in the rating as I would give mostly 5 stars for the blue trail but low stars for the black trail. Here is why.
The Black run.
I have ridden it three times. For starters getting to the top is too difficult. You are always going to have to climb hard and push up some sections but it seems that the trail has been deliberately constructed to make harder to climb than it needs to be with rough large stones littering the trail making it VERY difficult for all bar the best riders to ride up. It is not so much the steepness that causes the problem, you just cannot get a flow or momentum going.
Most other black trails I have ridden are good flowing trails with some very difficult sections and the odd very technical section to contend with.
The Gellideg Downhill seems to have everything crammed in one on top of the other with no by-pass option at all.
It may be appealing to the really hard core few but moderate to good riders are put off. The large stones in the quarry section were hitting lumps out of my bike.
Whenever I go there, or ride by, nobody is using it and that is a shame. I was there on a beautiful warm and dry Saturday afternoon and I was the only one using it yet there were lots of riders using the cycle track and forest trails.
If it could be smoothed off on the climb and made more flowing on the decent with a bypass on the toughest 3 sections I think it would become a far bigger attraction.

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The Blue trail is absolute fun fun fun it just ends all to quickly. If you are a novice you can ride it slow and is still great fun and a challenge. For better riders you can really hit it hard and it is challenging and leaves you with a huge grin.
Bad Points
The Black run.
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