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Hidden Gem! Get in there before the word spreads.
(Updated: October 16, 2016)
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I visited the Black Mountain Cycle Centre and this place is a total hidden gem. Saying that I don't think that will be the case for long.

Just as a heads up. The sat nav wants to take you to the farm next door so look out for the subtle signs. Once you turn up its a field with a car park and that's it. So do come prepared with nourishment. To be honest this is all you need as the important stuff like endorphin rush, grinning from ear to ear and a desire to get backs ASAP they supply in bucket loads.

These tracks have been professionally designed and the atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and full of passion for the runs. The blue is progressive and confidence inspiring and really fast. It has fun berms and some decent jumps along the way. The red is a bit more steeper and gnarly but also fast. You will find steeper rootier sections, steep corners and a neat bridge that is built to avoid conflict with walkers and has a steep run out that adds a bit of fun. The final red section is a super fast set of kickers and berms with some fun wooden planks thrown in to fly off. The blacks I hardly touched today but from talking to the uplift group leave folk a bit spellbound as they are rocky, natural feeling, full of jumps and fast. It's all great really.

They are also designed so you can mix and match. So start on the blue and then add a bit of red or black and so on.

It's run by a really friendly farmer and the uplift is efficient. It's close ish to Bike Park Wales and although the tracks are shorter they are no less fun and you get less arm pump and more rides in. This also makes it easier to session sections you want to nail better as you can ride it more often. Also I felt like I had ridden more by the end of the day at BMCC than at BPW. They are though very different and awesome beasts. It's well worth combining the two over a couple of days as I am.

I can't wait to get back again and was half inclined to not post a review so I can keep it to myself. Thinking of doing a "Best Newcomer of the Year" award as feel this is a top contender. Get in there before everyone finds out!

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Good Points
- progressive tracks with 100% grin factor
- easily get ten plus uplifts in a day.
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- limited facilities.
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