In our section on Women's mountain biking you can find and share advice on:

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You can also ask any question to our friendly community of new and experienced riders in our Women's MTB forum or join our own iBikeRide Women's MTB Group where you can share events, rides, photo's and videos. 

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Women's MTB Where To Ride
I iBikeRide Updated April 29, 2015 3258   0   1   0   0
The UK is full of amazing MTB trail destination and for all levels and all abilities. Many have great facilities also. No longer are the mountain bike trail options restricted to between choosing either a remote red (intermediate) technically graded trail with just a portaloo...
Women's MTB: Bikes, clothes and shops
S stumpy_dan Updated April 24, 2015 4625   0   7   0   0
Brands are getting in on the growth of Women's mountain biking and we are beginning to see some better choices across bikes, kit choices, online stores, but less so physical bricks and mortar retailers. Bike Brands When it comes to the bike brands...
Women's MTB Skill Courses, Guided Rides and Events
S stumpy_dan Updated April 22, 2015 3727   0   1   0   0
There are a host of growing women's mountain biking skills courses and events popping up. Some of the top ones recommended by riders here are:
Women's Mountain Biking: Rides, Clubs and Groups
I iBikeRide Updated December 14, 2016 8369   0   1   0   0
There are a growing number of Women's mountain biking rides, clubs and groups in the UK. Here we post what folk have already shared with us. Feel free to add and post your own and we will update the article for the benefit of the community. ...
How do we get more women into mountain biking?
S stumpy_dan Updated September 10, 2017 6414   0   1   0   0
I was recently in the pub with a few friends and one of my female mountain biker friends asked me what were the barriers to getting more women into mountain biking and what the industry was doing to encourage more women into the sport of MTB?
5 results - showing 1 - 5